Geek Girl Con

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Geek Girl Con

The older I get, the more I appreciate the moments when I get to just be myself and succumb to all of my nerdy passions. This is why I love “cons”.

After just returning from the grandmaster of all cons, San Diego Comic Con, you’d think I would have gotten my fill…and perhaps blown my entire “nerdy passion” budget for months. You’d be correct on the latter, but when I was offered the opportunity to go to Geek Girl Con in Seattle, I couldn’t say no.

The fact that this con is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States is obviously a big selling point. However,  it was the fact that this con is specifically a celebration of the women of “geek” culture that truly inspired me make the trek. With panel topics ranging from comics to career advice, and panelists like (one of my heroines), writer Jane Espenson, this con looks to be exciting and educational on many levels.

If you happen to be in the Seattle area August 11 – 12, I recommend joining my traveling buddy, Amanda Nuckolls of Gnome Acres, and me in exploring the wonders of a con made for girls.

Amanda will be a panelist on the Art as Business Online panel at Geek Girl Con on Saturday in Room RM205. Amanda is the Owner and Chief Gnome at Gnome Acres, a online shop for nerd flavored hand dyed yarn, handspun yarn, fiber batts, spinning & felting fiber.

I’ll be sharing details of my adventure to Geek Girl Con here and on next week. 

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